lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Painting school classrooms

A few days ago, all the employees of Open Windows, including Co-Founder Teresa Quiñonez and Board President Luisa Wheeler, all went to Calderas to paint few classrooms.

The Open Windows crew

But first, before painting, they had to fix the entire electrical installation. A school from Calderas received a donation of 15 computers, but the kids never used them.  Why? Well, the reason is that the electrical installations were so bad, every time they tried to turn them on the lights went off. 

A group from Iowa, USA made a donation to OW. This donation was to fix these schools.  So that is exactly what the team at Open Windows did.  

Painting the classrooms

Luisa, President of the Open Windows Board, freshening up the walls of this classroom

The finished renovated classroom!  

Thanks to all for a job well done, and many thanks to the generous support of our donors.  

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