martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

2013: We're off to a great start

Members of our community utilize the Open Windows Learning Center

Happy 2013 to all!  Our staff returned from holiday vacation on January 17 to begin a new year here at Open Windows Foundation.  Initially, our plan was to open early only for the purpose of completing the process of taking inventory on our extensive library book database.  However, while we were closed and busily working, young people in grades seven, eight and nine were literally knocking on our door.  They wanted to enter the learning center in order to do research for their school homework.  Of course, we welcomed them in.  This same group of children came in every single morning during our holiday closure.

Back to work at Open Windows after a restful holiday season

We officially reopened the learning center for the post-holiday season to the rest of our community's children nearly two weeks ago.  Children of all ages and levels are once again busily completing homework in our after school programs, taking computer classes, perfecting their reading and writing, and working together on fun projects at the learning center.  

Children love reading at Open Windows

We're also excited to work with a group of 15 diabetes patients in our community in our health awareness classes.  This community outreach program helps us impact the lives not just of students in our programs, but their family members as well.  

We're looking forward to a fun and productive year.  Join us on our journey to spread a love of learning  to all in the San Miguel Dueñas community of Guatemala.