domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Flor's Letter

We at Open Windows are very proud of our high achieving scholarship students.  One particular standout of our program is Flor Cabrera.  She wrote a letter to Open Windows and we wanted to share it with you.


My name is Flor de Maria Monroy Cabrera.  I’m 17 years old. I’m taking marketing and advertising at school, and next year will be my last year.

My short term goals are: to finish marketing and advertising, and work to help my parents.

Long term goals are: to continue studying in the university's social science communication degree. This is one of the degrees that I like to study. Also I would like to start my own foundation where I can help teenagers like me with financial problems. Day by day I’m getting closer to my dreams and towards doing what I want to accomplish.

My life has not been easy.  When I was 12 my dad died and I did not have his support any more.  I  only had my mom, who has to work very hard to support the family. My mom told me that she could only send me to primary school.  Because of economic problems I could not continue high school.  I decided to go to Open Windows to apply for a scholarship. After applying and taking some exams, I got the scholarship.  Thanks to Open Windows, I’m going to finish my degree.

Currently I have a sister and a brother. My mother married a man whom he supports me in what he can.

Thanks to Open Windows for being part of my present and future.