lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Homes in San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala

A family home in Dueñas

How would you feel if you lived in a house like this? The toilet is near the stove, the walls are made of sheet metal, and there is no protection or privacy. Many people in the world have options of where and how to live, but not here.  

This is a picture of a family home in San Miguel Dueñas in Guatemala.  The same family that lives in this home utilizes the educational services that Open Windows Foundation provides.  

Poverty is a difficult cycle to escape from, but with the help of education assistance and educational resources for children, families in Guatemala can hope for a better tomorrow.  At Open Windows, we are focused on providing educational opportunities to at-risk children in our community.  With our learning center, tutoring programs, computer classes, and variety of community outreach programs, we are committed to providing enrichment to children and adults in our community.  
To learn how you can participate in the programs at Open Windows, visit our website:

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