lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Painting school classrooms

A few days ago, all the employees of Open Windows, including Co-Founder Teresa Quiñonez and Board President Luisa Wheeler, all went to Calderas to paint few classrooms.

The Open Windows crew

But first, before painting, they had to fix the entire electrical installation. A school from Calderas received a donation of 15 computers, but the kids never used them.  Why? Well, the reason is that the electrical installations were so bad, every time they tried to turn them on the lights went off. 

A group from Iowa, USA made a donation to OW. This donation was to fix these schools.  So that is exactly what the team at Open Windows did.  

Painting the classrooms

Luisa, President of the Open Windows Board, freshening up the walls of this classroom

The finished renovated classroom!  

Thanks to all for a job well done, and many thanks to the generous support of our donors.  

lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

News from the People of San Miguel Dueñas

Fostering a love of learning at Open Windows

This week, we write to you with news from some of our Open Windows program participants in the town of San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala.

Home of four Open Windows siblings 

One of the many families we are assisting is a single mother who has four children.  She cannot read or write well.  She received an Eco-Stove from Open Windows donors so that her family would not have to breathe in so much smoke while she prepared meals.  Their new Eco-Stove has reduced the family's wood fuel consumption by 60%.  

Now, they are receiving assistance with Eco-lanterns, a new community outreach program at Open Windows.  

The home where they live is so small that the toilet is near the stove. Despite her poverty, this lady keeps her house neat and clean and prioritizes a bright future for her children. For this mom, education is very important, so all her kids go to school. 

Open Windows Co-Founder Teresa Quiñonez with the children in the Open Windows Learning Center library.

Another mother, Maria, pictured above, is a mother of children who attend programs at Open Windows.  One day recently, she went about her daily task of getting firewood for her stove to cook for her family.  As she passed near the garbage dump, she heard sad whining sounds coming from the garbage area - an abandoned litter of puppies.  She looked at them and went about her tasks.

When she got home, all she could think of was the litter of puppies.  She knew if she did not do anything, they would die.  The following day, Maria returned for them and took all six home with her. Now she is feeding them with cow's milk.  Despite the poverty of this family, they have a big heart. They are always willing to extend a hand to those in need. 

Maria's family's new puppies

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Homes in San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala

A family home in Dueñas

How would you feel if you lived in a house like this? The toilet is near the stove, the walls are made of sheet metal, and there is no protection or privacy. Many people in the world have options of where and how to live, but not here.  

This is a picture of a family home in San Miguel Dueñas in Guatemala.  The same family that lives in this home utilizes the educational services that Open Windows Foundation provides.  

Poverty is a difficult cycle to escape from, but with the help of education assistance and educational resources for children, families in Guatemala can hope for a better tomorrow.  At Open Windows, we are focused on providing educational opportunities to at-risk children in our community.  With our learning center, tutoring programs, computer classes, and variety of community outreach programs, we are committed to providing enrichment to children and adults in our community.  
To learn how you can participate in the programs at Open Windows, visit our website: