jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

Families making ends meet in Dueñas

At Open Windows, we're grateful for the support of our volunteers from around the world.  In May, we hosted a group from Canada for two weeks.  They built a block room and a tin house for one of the families in our program.  

The family that received the new tin house is composed of a single mother with 5 children.  This mother is five months pregnant, and had been living with her mother in a one bedroom room. In total, there were 9 children and three adults living in that one room house.   Thanks to the work of our volunteers, now this family is so happy; they have a large room with a eco-stove and a place to play.  Despite the fact that the home does not have electricity, this is not a problem for the family.  They do not own a radio, much less a refrigerator, and they use only candles for light.

Near the location of the new tin home lives another family with 5 children. As our founder Teresa is very invested in the wellbeing of her hometown, as well as the fact that she is a well-known fixture in the city, she decided to pay a visit to this family.   She was very surprised to find two girls taking care of 6-month old little twins.  Teresa could not believe that these girls were caring for such young children by themselves.

That night Teresa woke up several times thinking about them and wondering how she could help.  The next day Teresa talked with the mother and asked why the children were by themselves.   The response was that the mother "had only had left for a few moments - nothing more."  Teresa replied that she had spent hours waiting and saw no one enter or leave the home.

The mother was afraid Teresa would take the children away from her.

The young caretakers

Teresa she does so much for the children and families of Antigua and San Miguel Dueñas.  She believes that families, no matter how poverty stricken, should not have to live like this.

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