lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Successful Scholarship Workshop

During the past month, we had our second workshop for Open Windows scholarship students.  This exciting event took place on Octubrer 31 and encompassed 61 students, all of the Open Windows teachers, and three speakers.

Among the topics discussed were:

  • "Self-esteem and motivation" by Yolanda Valle
  • "Interpersonal Relationships" by Mr. Víctor Eduardo Quinonez
  • "Leadership and teamwork" by Mr. Cristhians Castillo

At the beginning of the activities, none of the children sat together, nor did it seem they could really relate to each other. But by the end of the day everyone had a big smile.

At the end of the workshop, Open Windows staff distributed a questionnaire for the students to write their comments.
Among the comments:

"I really liked the activity because we got issues of great importance. The people who gave us lectures, they gave it in way that we could understand.  Also we shared with our peers while we had fun in a healthy way. All this day we share, we forget our stress and our daily problems."

"I think these activities are very helpful to us youngsters. It should be done more often because they help us to share and learn many important things.  The theme that I liked most was the relationships."

"It was a nice activity, creative, dynamic and interesting that helps young people to be distracted by something beautiful and especially good."

"The workshop was very nice, very dynamic and above all we learned new things and issues... this workshop motivated us to continue our studies and not to stop at nothing. Also to share and work as a team."

The students learned together, gained each other's trust, and motivated each other to continue their education and achieve their goals.