jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

Father's Day at Open Windows

This past Friday, we celebrated Father's Day at Open Windows Foundation. The official day is June 17th but we wanted to do it early because the schools also have a celebration for fathers.

We invited two people to give a talk at our learning center, one on AIDS and the other one on dengue fever, a disease caused by mosquito bites.  The celebration was attended by 50 fathers.

A grandfather asked permission to sing to the fathers that night to celebrate their special day.  Inspired by that performance, a volunteer from Peru also decided to take the guitar and sing a song from his country. Both of them had a great time singing, and the audience enjoyed the entertainment.

At the end of the Father's Day event, Open Windows founder Teresa Quiñonez oversaw the distribution a total of over 100 condoms to attendees.

This year the fathers were participating more than ever before - they were notably more relaxed.  The event was a success.

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Volunteers building homes and inspiring families in our community

This month, we have had a many successful volunteer projects at Open Windows Foundation.  A group from the US that has worked with OW for the last two years has come back to our learning center for another volunteer visit.  The leader of the group, Bob Noel, was in charge of a project with us called "Our Little Brothers."

His group did four key things for us during their stay.  First, they built a sheet metal or "laminated" home for a family that has seen hardship. This family is composed only of the mother and two children, as the father tragically hanged himself a year ago.

In addition to constructing this home, the group also built a small room for a grandmother of one of our scholarship recipients.

Third, they built a room for a family who is living near the river.  This family had bought some land across the river and wanted to build a house. The problem is that there is no bridge to cross the river, with only two wires - one for standing up and the other to hold on.  They were grateful for the help with their house.

As if all this work wasn't enough, they finished their visit with painting three classrooms at the Institute of Calderas.

We are grateful for the generous assistance of these dedicated volunteers.  Open Windows Foundation thanks you!

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers.  Learn how you can contribute your talents to our organization:  http://openwindowsfoundation.com