viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

On November 11, 2012, our organization held its first flea market in Antigua. The organizers gave 10% of the table entrance fees to Open Windows. Open Windows received over 1000Q that day. The event was a success. We are hoping to have this event every year to help other organizations like ours.

Our successful flea market

In other news, as you can imagine, when children are on vacation from school our learning center is at its busiest. Thanks to all the volunteers who assist the teachers, we can help the many children who participate in our programs. Last month, we had two volunteers from Germany and one from Switzerland, and the rest are young kids from Dueñas.

Open Windows Volunteers from Germany, Switzerland, and Guatemala

One of our volunteers is Morelia.

Morelia is a 15 year old. Her mother sent her to Open Windows to work on something useful and not spend time at home watching television. Initially, Morelia took it as a punishment, but as the days passed she realized that she liked to come and be part of the Open Windows team.

Morelia's dad was killed a year ago. He was working as a bus driver from Antigua to Guatemala City and one day, a gang member shot and killed him. Tragically, owners of local bus companies that do not pay the taxes that gangsters demand can be targeted and killed.  One of those fallen drivers was Morelia's father. Morelia still has a hard time accepting the sudden death of her father.

We have various girls like Morelia with similar problems and have nowhere to go for help. We want the kids to fell good about themselves by helping others.  This is one of the many functions our learning center provides - the chance to be a kid for awhile, and the chance to help - in spite of difficulties at home.

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