jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

A Note from Wilson

At Open Windows Foundation, it is a delight to follow the successes of the children in our programs.
The highest achieving children that are involved in our programs receive scholarships to continue with their studies.  Wilson is one such student.  After a successful year, he wrote this letter to his benefactor, who'd like for us share it with you.

Dear Padrino,
I hope you receive this sincere greeting. I am hoping for success in your life as I write these lines. First, I like to thank you for the support you have brought us because this help is not only for me but also for all of my family. It also plants a future for our society, our country of Guatemala and I hope not to disappoint you.

I want to tell you that this has been a good year for me and it was the first year that I was a beneficiary of your help. I have tried to do better in my classes and I have done well in my grades. I like the class of natural science because I understand rapidly the processes of the human body, the environment and all that makes up this class. I quit this class and now in September, I started the class of physics and we started with the principle basics to learn them and to apply them. As I write this letter, we are close to September 15 which is our Independence Day. It is on Saturday and we are accustomed to have a parade where all the schools participate. The parade has a theme.

Next year, I will be finishing middle school and I hope to continue fostering success so I can be part of a generation of charge. In speaking of change, I refer to making a positive impact on society.  This starts with our conduct which reflects our environment of living together as a village, a country and a world.

Maybe this looks like a grain of sand, but this grain makes up the beach and the hope of the world. I am happy to have filled up a moment of your mind with words that have been conceived in my heart and birthed through my pen on the paper giving expression to not only a simple opinion, but that I think in the change of the truth of life.

Encouraging you to be part of the generation of change, I Wilson Orlando Meren Xar say farewell to you wishing you success in you professional life and even more in your personal life.

Wilson Orlando Meren Xar.

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