jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Meet the Open Windows Team

We invite you to meet the team of Open Windows Foundation in Guatemala.  In this video, you will meet the staff that changes the world for children and families in the town of San Miguel Duenas, Guatemala.

Teresa Quinonez is the co-founder of Open Windows.  The building in which the library currently operates is her childhood home.  She donated her home to the foundation, and as the foundation has grown, additional buildings have been added to accommodate the 2000+ children and families that rely on this foundation as an important resource for community development and outreach.

Luisa Wheeler is another amazing force in the community of San Miguel Duenas and greater Antigua.  She is the president of the Guatemalan board of Open Windows and has provided years of guidance and direction to the organization to facilitate growth.  Luisa's visionary abilities have helped Open Windows enhance its core mission of serving the community's educational needs.

Nilda Giron is the head accountant for Open Windows Foundation.  In addition to managing the foundation's finances, she also serves as the director of the Open Windows Scholarship.  The Open Windows Scholarship is a life-changing resource for children in the community who wish to continue their studies beyond the middle school level, yet do not have the resources to do so.  The Open Windows Scholarship is currently enabling four hard-working children to complete their high school education.

Dalia Quinonez is the librarian at Open Windows.  She is in charge of a growing library with over 10,000 books in Spanish and English.  Dalia maintains the library database, teaches children how to do research, and helps students complete projects.  The Open Windows library is an important resource for the community of San Miguel Duenas, and children enjoy the opportunity to learn, develop, and foster a love of reading in this facility.

Monica Fuentes is a teacher at Open Windows Foundation.  With three children of her own, she understands how important it is for children in the San Miguel Duenas community to supplement their schoolwork with meaningful homework help and additional opportunities to learn.  She also teaches children skills such as English.  Monica serves as a teacher, mentor and aid to the children in the Open Widows Foundation program.

Hector Ramirez is the manager of the Open Windows computer lab.  He teaches children from six years and above in small groups based on age and experience.  Hector instructs children in how to use software packages such as the Microsoft Office Suite, that enable children to excel in their schoolwork and enhance their knowledge about technology.  Hector also teaches a host of adult classes to parents of Open Windows children who wish to develop their own skills and gain marketable experience.

Roxana Ramos serves as a teacher and homework tutor to the children at Open Windows.  By reinforcing required coursework and homework the children have in school, Roxana helps children at Open Windows develop a love for learning.  One of the most important tools Roxana and her team utilize are educational games which serve as a reward upon the completion of homework and assignments.

Visit Open Windows Foundation today, and meet this dynamic staff.

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