viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Eco-Stoves in Guatemala

Open Windows is making a difference in the lives of Guatemalan families with Eco-Stoves.

Families in San Miguel Duenas search hours for wood every day just to cook food in traditional stoves. Eco-stoves reduce a family's wood fuel consumption by over 60%.  Typical Guatemalan stoves don't have ventilation and produce lots of smoke.  The kitchen is a family gathering place, exposing kids to harmful smoke, causing respiratory problems.  

One $125 donation busy an Eco-stove for one family in San Miguel Duenas.  By donating an Eco-stove, you are contributing to a healthier environment in these families' homes.  An Eco-stove's lower wood fuel consumption means less smoke inhalation for families.  Many Open Windows children spend much of the school day coughing because of smoke inhalation from traditional stoves at home.  

Open Windows children deserve clean air at home.  Together, let's provide Eco-stoves to every family in San Miguel Duenas to make clean air at home a reality.  Email: for for more information and to donate today.

Hilda Veronica Gomez and her daughter with an Eco-Stove donated by Open Windows.

Eulalia Agreda and her young son, after cooking a meal on their Eco-stove. 

The Lopez family with their new Eco-stove. 

The Morales children, participants in Open Windows, and recipients of a new Eco-stove. 

 Teodoro Ajin and his wife Cirila received this Eco-stove, donated by the Open Windows Foundation.

Participants in the Open Windows Foundation literacy programs.

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