viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Working with Developing World Connections

Late July and early August have been busy months for us at Open Windows.  

A fantastic group from Canada called Developing World Connections paid us a two week visit. Volunteers from this group built two houses for two different Open Windows families. One is made of blocks and the other one out sheet metal; one family bought a small plot of land, and the other is renting the land.

Volunteers from Developing World Connections helped build houses for Open Windows families.

Volunteers worked hard for two full weeks on the construction of this house.

Kathy, another enthusiastic volunteer, gave cooking classes to the children in the Open Windows morning program. 

Additionally, a volunteer named Lisa paid us a visit.  Lisa is a certified massage therapist.  She taught a group of mothers and Open Windows participants unique massage techniques using two balls to dissolve tension in the muscles.

This mother and her future Open Windows participant enjoyed learning the massage stress relief technique.

Volunteers from Developing World Connections made a truly positive impact at Open Windows.

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